Cryptocurrencies Top 10

Weekly Cryptocurrencies Top 10

Coin2001 has started a new weekly picture here on the blog, Top 10 weekly cryptocurrencies Top 10, we will bring every Friday the best 10 cryptocurrencies of the week, based on its variation of the last 7 days, among the 100 best cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap.

*Remember that % of variation can change throughout the day.

Weekly Cryptocurrencies Top 10

# Name 7d (%) CoinMarketCap
MaidSafeCoin (MAID) 42.8% 68
Bitcoin Private (BTCP) 12.57% 39
CyberMiles (CMT) 11.59% 70
Holo (HOT) 9.88% 90
Mixin (XIN) 7.93% 48
Decred (DCR) 6.45% 30
0x (ZRX) 5.95% 29
TRON (TRX) 5.68% 9
Skycoin (SKY) 3.3% 69
10° DigiByte (DGB) 1.03% 49

You can follow the variation of the cryptocurrencies quotations on the Coin2001 site also, in the quotes tab, there we have the% of 1 hr, 24hrs and also 7 days.

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