Bitcoin Attributes: Limited Offer

TEXTO EM PORTUGUES: After understanding about decentralization, we will now talk about the number of Bitcoins in circulation, and of its Limited Offer. Is Bitcoin going to end? The maximum number of Bitcoins to be issued is 21 million. But so what? The currencies are known as FIAT, from Latin “that is made”, alluding […]

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The Attributes of Bitcoin: Decentralization

TEXTO EM PORTUGUES: We have heard much that one of the most important characteristics of Bitcoin is that it is a decentralized currency, but after all, what is decentralization? Decentralization means that no single institution controls the bitcoin network. Who controls Bitcoin? The platform is maintained by a group of volunteer programmers and is […]

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What is bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

Hello guys, We are debuting here on the Blog, and let’s start with a very basic theme. For those who do not know, Coin2001 is the largest platform in terms of number of types of Cryptocurrencies offered in Latin America. The first one was Bitcoin, and in this post we’ll talk briefly about Bitcoin , […]

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